My Free Software Activities in January 2021

今月のハイライトはfabre.debian.netがFOSSHOSTにスポンサーしてもらえるようになったことかな。 is sponsored by FOSSHOST

Today, we are pleased to announce that has migrated to FOSSHOST

FOSSHOST provides us a VPS instance which is located at OSU Open Source Lab. It improves a lack of enough server resources then service availability especially.

About is a experimental service to demonstrate how to improve user experience with finding and fixing Debian unstable related bugs for making "unstable life" comfortable.

Thank FOSSHOST for sponsoring,

Use external E-mail server for subdomain with Sakura Mailbox service

If you want to set up subdomain, you may setup E-mail server on your own. But if there is not afford to setup it by yourself, you need external E-mail server.

In this article, I'll explain how to use external mailbox service - Sakura Mailbox service.


  • Owner of subdomain (
  • Have an account of Sakura mailbox service

I've chosen Sakura mailbox service because of maintainance cost (87yen/month)

Configure dnsZoneEntry

Set dnZoneEntry, it means that gpg --clearsign and send to Here is an example for

fabre IN A
mail.fabre IN A
fabre IN MX 10 is Web server ( and is E-mail server (Sakura mailbox service) for my case.

Note that It varies for your case.

DebianDotNet - Debian Wiki

Configure Sakura mailbox service

Set subdomain without transfer in Domain/SSL menu. Then create each account for After a while, you can use E-mail account. Yay!

My Free Software Activities in December 2020


Say Good-Bye and Thanks hal-flash

Today, hal-flash package was removed from Debian unstable.

hal-flash is wrapper library for HAL which is not used nowadays. At that time, HAL was required because Adobe Primetime DRM uses libadobecp, but HAL was already replaced to udev or udisks. So we need emulation layer for HAL. hal-flash was it for such a purpose. (At least, hal-flash is required to play movies which uses Adobe DRM)

hal-flash package was already orphaned years ago, and removed from unstable now.

O: hal-flash -- Compatibility library to allow playback of Flash DRM content

Thanks hal-flash package!

My Free Software Activities in November 2020