How about allocating more buildd resource for armel and armhf?

This article is cross-posting from grow-your-ideas. This is just an idea.

The problem

According to Developer Machines [1], current buildd machines are like this:

  • armel: 4 buildd (4 for arm64/armhf/armel)
  • armhf: 7 buildd (4 for arm64/armhf/armel and 3 for armhf only)


In contrast to other buildd architectures, these instances are quite a few and it seems that it causes a shortage of buildd resourses. (e.g. during mass transition, give-back turn around time becomes longer and longer.)

Actual situation

As you know, during 64bit time_t transition, many packages should be built, but it seems that +b1 or +bN build becomes slower. (I've hit BD-Uninstalled some times because of missing dependency rebuild)


Expected situation

Allocate more buildd resources for armel and armhf.

It is just an idea, but how about assigning some buildd as armel/armhf buildd?

Above buildd is used only for arm64 buildd currently.

Maybe there is some technical reason not suitable for armel/armhf buildd, but I don't know yet.

2024/03/24 UPDATE: arm-arm01,arm-arm03,arm-arm-04 has already assigned to armel/armhf buildd, so it is an invalid proposal. See,,

Additional information

  • arm64: 10 buildd (4 for arm64/armhf/armel, 6 for arm64 only)
  • amd64: 7 buildd (5 for amd64/i386 buildd)
  • riscv64: 9 buildd