Use external E-mail server for subdomain with Sakura Mailbox service

If you want to set up subdomain, you may setup E-mail server on your own. But if there is not afford to setup it by yourself, you need external E-mail server.

In this article, I'll explain how to use external mailbox service - Sakura Mailbox service.


  • Owner of subdomain (
  • Have an account of Sakura mailbox service

I've chosen Sakura mailbox service because of maintainance cost (87yen/month)

Configure dnsZoneEntry

Set dnZoneEntry, it means that gpg --clearsign and send to Here is an example for

fabre IN A
mail.fabre IN A
fabre IN MX 10 is Web server ( and is E-mail server (Sakura mailbox service) for my case.

Note that It varies for your case.

DebianDotNet - Debian Wiki

Configure Sakura mailbox service

Set subdomain without transfer in Domain/SSL menu. Then create each account for After a while, you can use E-mail account. Yay!